Why You Need The Pros When You Have Rodents On Your Brooklyn Property

November 13, 2020

Did you know that rodents are one of the worst pests you can have on your Brooklyn property? Rodents can seem nearly harmless, given their small size and even cute appearance, but they pose many health and safety risks.

a mouse hiding in a house

In our area, mice and rats are two extremely common home-invading pests. These are two distinct species, but the way they damage homes and pose health risks is very similar. However, it’s very unlikely to have both species infest your home at the same time.

What Do Mice And Rats Look Like?

It is also easy to mistake one species for another as they do share many characteristics. While adult mice are smaller than adult rats, baby rats can be confused for mice. But, by knowing a few facts, you can easily identify which type of infestation you’re dealing with.
Mice have large ears and eyes in proportion to their bodies, and their tails are also thinner than rats and are about the same length as their bodies. Mice are a light brown or gray color.
On the other hand, rats have blunt noses and smaller ears than mice. Their tails are thicker and shorter in proportion than the tail of a mouse. Depending on the species, rats can be grey, dark brown, or black.

Why Is It So Dangerous To Have Rodents Around Your Property? 

Rodents are not just nuisance pests. They pose many health risks and do a great deal of property damage. They need to gnaw on things constantly, so they can damage electrical wiring, plumbing, drywall, furniture, and much more.
But, the real reason mice and rats are such a problem is the health risks they bring with them. Their fur, urine, and droppings can cause allergy problems, and if their feces builds up in the walls, it can even cause respiratory issues. However, the things you have to worry about most are pathogens, as rodents can carry and spread many illnesses, including hantavirus and salmonella.

How Can You Identify A Rodent Infestation? 

Since rodents can put you and your family’s health and safety at risk, knowing how to identify an infestation early on is important. This way, you can address the infestation and remove these pests as quickly as possible.

Five of the most common signs of a rodent infestation are:

  • The appearance of small, rod-shaped droppings that are about the size of grains of rice
  • Noticing a musty, stale smell that wasn't there before
  • The sound of scurrying in the walls
  • Finding small chewed holes around baseboards
  • Chewed up food packages

Can You Get Rid Of Rodents On Your Own?

One common misconception is that it’s relatively easy to get rid of rodents on your own. However, they can be hard to remove completely. While many people try to handle these infestations, do-it-yourself rodent removal is rarely effective and can even be dangerous.
Some of the most common methods of rodent removal homeowners attempt include using traps or bait. While traps can get a few rodents, they don’t address the entire infestation. Rodents can hide in many small places, and they can also reproduce quickly, so traps aren’t a very effective method. Bait is often an even worse option because these brightly-colored chemicals can look appealing to small children and pets. If kids or animals get into the bait, it can be very dangerous. 
Overall, the only safe and effective way to remove mice or rat infestations for good is to get help from pest control professionals.

The Most Effective Way To Handle Rodent Problems

Finding mice or rats on your Brooklyn property can be both frustrating and a bit scary. Because these pests can do a good deal of damage and put your health at risk, it’s important to get effective rodent control services. The experts at Bugs Are Gone Exterminating are skilled and accredited to deal with rodent infestations of all sizes. We service Brooklyn and the surrounding areas, and we make sure to stay up-to-date on the latest pest removal methods. To get started or to learn more about our services, give us a call today.

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