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Staten Island is one of New York City’s five boroughs, connected to Lower Manhattan via ferry. There are many business opportunities and attractions that make Staten Island a great place to live, but residents face numerous pest problems. Ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, and rodents are all common pests that have no problem invading your home or business.

When it comes to keeping your residential or commercial property from the area’s toughest pests, the professionals from Bugs Are Gone Exterminating have you covered. As a local pest control provider with more than 30 years of pest control experience, you can rely on us to provide effective solutions every time. Receive the ongoing pest protection you deserve when you contact Bugs Are Gone Exterminating today. We’re happy to find the right solution for your Staten Island property.

Home Pest Control In Staten Island, NY

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If you’ve ever seen a cockroach skittering across your kitchen floor or a rodent dashing out of view when you enter your attic, then you know how common pest problems are here in Staten Island.

Many pests have become dependent on humans for food and shelter, especially during New York City’s harsh winter months. Unfortunately, this is why a wide variety of rodents, spiders, and insects are common household pests. Although some pests might only seem like a minor nuisance, all pest infestations have the potential to cause problems for your home and family.

To protect your Staten Island home from pests, you need complete pest protection from Bugs Are Gone Exterminating. We provide ongoing residential pest control services to eliminate current pest infestations and prevent them from returning. If you have a pest problem, our licensed technicians have a solution.

Don’t wait for pests to start causing problems in your Staten Island home. Instead, turn to Bugs Are Gone Exterminating for comprehensive home pest control services you can trust.

Commercial Pest Control In Staten Island, NY

Running your business and making it a success requires a lot of time, money, and effort. And when pests decide to infest your commercial property, they can draw your attention away from the other needs of your Staten Island business. At Bugs Are Gone Exterminating, we understand that you simply don’t have time for pest problems, which is why we’re here to take care of your pest problems for you.

Our commercial pest control services begin with a thorough inspection of your property. Based on our findings during the inspection, we’ll develop a customized treatment plan that targets the specific needs of your property, schedule, and pest situation. With over 30 years of experience protecting New York City businesses from pests, we have what it takes to ensure your Staten Island property remains pest-free throughout every season. Give the professionals here at Bugs Are Gone Exterminating a call today for more information about our commercial pest control solutions.

Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your Staten Island, NY Home

Bed bugs are most common in areas where many people travel to and from. Unfortunately, New York City fits that description perfectly. As many residents, business co-workers, and tourists filter in and out of our area, they have the potential to bring bed bugs with them. If you want to avoid bringing these blood-feeding pests to your Staten Island home or business, it’s important to follow the bed bug prevention tips listed below.

  • Keep your bags and belongings away from other people's.

  • Avoid setting down your belongings on the floors of trains, airports, buses, libraries, office spaces, and other public areas.

  • Never stay at a hotel or motel room without first checking it for signs of bed bug activity.

  • After returning home from a trip, put all your clothing and belongings in the wash on the highest heat setting.

  • Vacuum your rugs, carpets, and floors regularly to pick up any bed bugs that manage to get into your home or business.

Bed bugs are tricky pests that can’t always be prevented. If bed bugs have taken over your Staten Island property, don’t hesitate to contact Bugs Are Gone Exterminating right away. We utilize two forms of bed bug control: traditional bed bug treatment and our Aprehend® treatment. Get in touch with us today to find out which bed bug treatment methods are right for you!

Signs Of Rodent Activity In Staten Island, NY

Rodents are widely known as one of the most common property-invading pests found throughout the United States. Here in Staten Island, they typically invade homes and businesses during the colder seasons, though they can and will invade during other parts of the year as well.

If rodents are living in or around your property, here are some of the signs they might leave behind:

  • Holes in paper bags or boxes of stored food items

  • Gnaw markings on your furniture, books, wires, piping, and personal belongings

  • Squeaking and scuffling sounds in your attic and walls, especially at night

  • Small black droppings under your sink, behind shelves, and in the back of your drawers and cupboards

If you believe rodents are living in your Staten Island home or business, it’s important to seek professional help immediately. Contact Bugs Are Gone Exterminating today for help with your rodent control needs.


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